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– Project cases

campaign aru


Through this campaign, The African Rural University seeks to raise awareness around its mission and aims to raise funds to build a resource centre.

oxfam colombia

Oxfam International

An initiative in which communities work together to rebuild urban food systems that are healthy and fair for people and the planet.

newspaper circle of soil


A colorful newspaper that explores the life below our feet and our symbiotic relationship to natural ecosystems. 

mandulis rice electricity


Renewable energy solutions to improve access to affordable, reliable, and productive low-carbon energy.

advance insight brand book

Advance Insight

By bringing all aspects of a business together in one digital place, you can truly let technology work for you.

healthy entrepreneurs


When the health entrepreneurs on the ground are the true heroes, empowering their own communities.

uganda sunflowers

Adventure Tourism Uganda

Showcasing the potential of adventure tourism in Uganda with aspiring travelers.

charlie's travels

Charlie’s Travels

Building a brand that fights the stereotype of ‘Africa’, stimulates equal cultural exchange and sustainable travel. Let’s go off the beaten track!

wellbeing economy kids

The principles of the wellbeing economy for kids

How can we stimulate a future Wellbeing Economy by influencing the mindset of our youth – and the values of future decision-makers?

ukarimu uganda


Strategize to stimulate. Not only Africa’s sustainable tourism industry, but also the personal and professional development of youth.

sexy talk

Sexy Talk

Sharing pure, honest and inspiring erotic stories that give people the confidence to explore and open up – towards themselves and each other.

omroep human


An East-African perspective on news stories in the Dutch media. Think bigger than your bubble!

farming uganda


Changing the narrative surrounding Uganda, or African countries like Uganda, and keeping the profits at the source.

bureau vris project

Bureau VRIS

Without development, no growth! Lifelong learning means reflecting and investing in yourself and your team.

pimp my nails

Pimp My Nails

Nail art that wants to be more than just a beauty brand. Funny, friendly, engaging. Real, representative, human. A nail art brand that will become a concept in itself.

wild coffee farmers


Bringing coffee consumers and producers closer together. Decolonizing the coffee industry. Increase sales, increase profits for the farmers.

Other Friends and Clients


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