We’re happy to welcome you to our midnight hour, where creativity, innovation and a bit of lunacy bring ideas to life.

– Hi there!

About you

Are you an individual or organisation who…

…wants to achieve social change?
…wants to pursue creative goals?
…wants to create environmentally sustainable solutions?
…has out-of-the-box, on the edge, innovative ideas?

Lovely to meet you!


Let us tell you a little about ourselves.

Moonatic is a team of two, with international and interdisciplinary collaborations.

We want to help innovative businesses & brands, media platforms, entrepreneurs, and activists to grow online, deliver a message, or sell their story in a creative way. We seek to create an impact, change perspectives, or encourage behavioural change: to leave the world a bit better than we found it. We combine our strategic and creative skills with our global perspective, curiosity, and experience in storytelling to offer a wide palette of possibilities.

Ideally, we collaborate with other creatives and our clients: to conceptualize and develop brand narrative, social marketing, and creative impact strategies. Define brand identity, (re)design a narrative, or deliver a message to the right audience. We use different crafts, technology, and (transmedia) storytelling techniques during the entire process: from strategizing to implementing. We are eager to explore unfamiliar territories, discover new perspectives, and refine the art of balancing on edges.


Of course we are more than an agency: we are people too. Two human beings, made of flesh and blood, with dreams, fears, favourite dishes, birthdays, weak spots, embarrassing memories, and sleeping positions that can make us snore at night. Just like you! So who are we exactly?

moonatic marketing

We are Tinke and Maudy, two explorative and curious ladies who bounce between the vibrant capitals of East-Africa and our Dutch hometowns. We share the same passions: creating stories, traveling and exploring, making music, and speaking up about our values. We simply love living – but mostly thinking – on the edge and out of the box.

But also our differences make us stronger as a team. Maudy has a background in online marketing and branding, whereas Tinke comes from the world of audiovisual media and storytelling. When we join our forces with those of other creatives and those of our clients, our creativity can reach beyond the moon.

Something about Maudy

My mum has a bookshelf full of scrapbooks with photos of her travelling the world in a Citroen 2CV – known as ‘een lelijke eend’ in Dutch. The sunroof made her curly hair blow in the wind while she drove as far as the old car could handle. She has not only passed on her curly blond hair to me, but also her deep-rooted eagerness to discover the world. To enrich my vision I made several longer off-the-beaten-track journeys through different continents. My interest in cultural differences, humanism, and sustainability grew with each new experience.

After finishing my bachelor’s in International Business and Languages with a minor in Brand Management, I joined a startup company in their journey of growth. I learned how to use my creativity within the field and enjoyed being part of a small company where commercial goals go hand in hand with social interests. This creativity – tightly interwoven with marketing – has become the common thread in my career. It is like art: content creation where the aesthetic values are in line with the brand identity.

My curiosity and adventurous drive – and the fact that I just can not sit still – make my life dynamic. When I wake up without a plan, I still find myself getting up to all sort of things. Being active does not exhaust me, but it gives me energy. Especially when I am surrounded by people who feed my philosophical mindset with their own perspective on our beautiful planet.


  • Highly aesthetic in graphics and visuals (and fonts!)
  • Smart and cunning strategies
  • Google Analytics
  • Listening and adapting
  • Creative campaigning (a true ENFP)


  • Doorsteps, bumps or pebbles on the road (anything that can make you trip)
  • Not having anything to do
  • Giving presentations in front of a group of people
  • Gnashing of teeth
  • Plants – or keeping them alive

Something about Tinke

When I tell people I am an only child, people usually look at me with a deep frown in their forehead and eyes filled with pity. I guess I will never know what I missed out on, but I do know what growing up as an only child brought me: creativity coming from a hefty dose of imagination. The lack of entertaining siblings made me rely on my imaginary friends, my adventurous stories, and my stuffed animals – all with a different and unique personality. Growing up, my imagination ran wild and free. I wrote books, movie scripts, plays, songs. After high school and some self-exploration in South-East Asia (involving a lot of overcrowded waterfalls and alcohol from buckets), I channelled my ideas and stories into film during a bachelor of Audio-visual Media in Utrecht.

However, we all know that growing into adulthood introduces us to reality, breaking down our imaginary, magical world from our childhood bit by bit. Luckily I found the real world could be just as interesting – and even more challenging. I started drawing my creativity from unknown destinations, cultural differences, and philosophies: from foreign to familiar, ancient to modern. Travelling and living in different countries and cultures from where I grew up teaches me new things daily, and satisfies my never ending thirst for inspiration. However, being back home in the Netherlands satisfies my never ending hunger for cheese and good bicycle rides!


  • Audio-visual storytelling
  • Character development
  • Defining and adapting to tone of voice
  • Wordplay
  • Giving presentations in front of a group of people


  • Wine
  • Google Analytics
  • Typography and font design (can’t differentiate the one from the other)
  • Using an oven
  • Sense of direction

Curious about Tinke and Maudy’s hero’s journey? How they met in their status quo, how an adventure lured them as they went on a quest? The content they created and the lessons they learned? 

Wait, there’s more!

The story behind our brand

Lunacy: it’s a notion as old as time. When you consult the good ol’ dictionary, it explains the term as ‘insanity’. Yet the word was birthed by the moon – which translates to ‘Luna’ in Latin. For as long as we can remember, the crazy state of the mind was linked to the full moon: from werewolves to the witching hour, from sleepwalking to insomnia. Centuries long, scientists have been trying to find evidence for the existence of moon sickness – though in vain.

There might not be scientific evidence of moon sickness, but we have our theory. When the full moon shines her bright light in the dead of night, the shades of objects become darker and edgier. The increased contrasts and sharpened lines trick and provoke our minds. Our imagination runs wild, brings shapes to life and creates stories around the peculiar things we observe and experience.

And so it happens. In the light of the full moon and the shades of everything around us – not only lunacy, but also innovation is born. This is where we thrive.


So, what’s your challenge?

We are ready to roll!